First Weekend World PvP

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First Weekend World PvP

Post  Uby on 12/7/2009, 15:36

Everything goes well , even if was me and Pinio only but we had alot of fun and kill alot of allys.
Some screens with us in action:
<- nub lock
<- ugly pally :S
<- restofag
<- 3 afk allys in same place lol
<- killing allys near guards xD
<- fire mage sux !!!
<- Pinio attacked by guards lol!

I hope more guildies will join next weekend world pvp Very Happy


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Re: First Weekend World PvP

Post  Sakhmet on 13/7/2009, 12:32

I'm sad, cause i can't be here Sad (stupid work...Razz) but i hope in next event i can take part Very Happy and we kick a lot of allys asses Very Happy:D


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